Simple Setup. Easy and Intuitive Interface.

Connect wirelessly to measuring devices and eliminate hundreds of manual entries per day.

TransTech can be used by anyone. Our user-friendly touchscreen interface is easily navigated keeping training to a minimum.

Our Skycam and Trackside features provide unmatched real-time access to your site and data.



Efficient. Cost-Effective. Customizable.

Gain full control of your operations. Powerful features meet the needs of your entire operation – transloader, office management, and CEO.

Transtech offers full customization and software integration! Job Control allows you to see the progress of each rail car including:

Pre and Post Inspections
Load Volume Levels in Each Car
Water Cut Percentages



Your Data—Effectively Managed & Secure

Rigorous onsite testing ensures consistency and dependability in any situation. With built-in warnings, algorithms, lock-outs, and quick fix buttons incorrect program operation is minimized.

Giving you thousands of options to control and filtering data, TransTech Data Analysis is always up to date with current information seconds after loading is complete.


Transtech’s advanced features and capabilities result in the most worthwhile investment you will ever make in the transloading industry.

Job Control


Easily navigate your site with Skycam, a graphical top-down view of your site. The interactive map can be edited or added to at anytime and can easily be done by any user.

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Trackside view is where the action happens. With simple to use tools and buttons, trackside allows you to create cars, choose job details, complete pre and post inspections, assign meter tickets, move cars and much more.

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Data Analysis

Job Search

Extremely powerful tool to view individual job totals, inspection reports, and a breakdown of each individual load inside that car.

Load Search

Load search gives you the total loads brought to your facility in the selected time period. It automatically filters between total loads and total trucks—even with split or partial loads.

Railcar Search

Add railcar information before or as cars come in quickly, simply and most importantly, accurately. TransTech users are able to update the specifications and information related to each individual railcar.

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Create a Petrinex report in seconds with our Report Generator.

Transtech tracks where your oil is coming from and where it is going.

Intelligent search summaries notify you of discrepancies or possible mistakes allowing you to narrow down data issues in seconds.

Transtech automatically creates CSV submission spreadsheets to both Alberta and Saskatchewan submission requirements for Petrinex. Manitoba will also be added when Petrinex begins receiving submissions there as well.

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